Round two: the boss is the boss even if he is a bad boss.

People tend to tell me I am not in the right of things when it comes to complaining about bosses and their (apparent) incompetency to perform and deliver. I guess that part of it comes from the fact that I am a (again) 20 something smart ass who people tend to think is either pessimistic or cocky just due to being candid enough to tell people once, twice and maybe three times when they are going to fuck something up. Only up to three times (in the end ‘god’ created them with free will towards making the same stupid mistakes). After almost three years working in various companies, with co workers who had levels of competence higher than most of my bosses, and in which just a few of my direct superiors I can say have remarkable abilities to lead a company, I am sick of listening to that old adagio Spanish speaking countries have (which my mum repeats to me more often than not): “the boss is the boss even if he is a bad one.” She reminds me of this whenever I complain about a mistake and a decision that could have been done better and that in turn would have not jeopardised the stability and sustainability of the company….but again “I am just a cocky smart ass.”
For fucks sake. I mean, whenever I have ran a project or when I eventually set up my company a culture of dissent and honesty will be the cornerstone of my culture, not one of fear and repression. If there are better ways to do things and we can liase to do that, I hope people tell me and we do. I don’t hope they repress and let me get my enterprise bankrupt just for the fear of speaking out and because of me being just a jack(ass) of all trades…
Meh. Long long week. Will keep this updated.
(I am also starting to read Letters to a Young Contrarian this week, so let’s see how this affects my writing).


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