We are being taken a piss at

For various reasons, and after thoughtful discussion with friends, I must say that if god does exist with the current state of affairs he must be taking a piss at us. The way our society is  degenerating and the lack of success of progressive liberalism in making the world a better place in a peaceful and generalised manner literally is a joke. The way we have stopped developing deep felt rapport between one another and therefore have self indulged in shallow and context based human interactions rather than developing long term resilient and resistant relationships, not only is clearly seen in the constant (over)development of apps and products that only look to force human interaction, therefore just destroying the overall development of human connection. Oh well: fuck! I seriously think we are being taken a piss at.

Following it up, I sometimes wonder what led us to believe and behave in this way and I for sure can say that the over and open generalisation and acceptance of ignorance, stupidity and laziness in our day to day life has played a significant role in triggering the current state of affairs. Things as small as using the right spelling when interacting through means of correspondence and finishing books to in order to enjoy the gratification of finding out what happened with our beloved characters have ceased to exist due to technological mechanisms that have made our “lives” easier  (and just the thought of thinking about the beauty of reciprocity that is placed in the name of the communication medium makes me sad to think about all the notifications we get every day when we are left unanswered in “read conversations”).

Oh fuck. I will kill it here. I am 20 something and I feel like the thought of the world going to a world war again is daunting and fearsome. It makes me want to fight it and commit to avoid letting them ruin our future, rather than me ruining my future (although I cannot say either that my plans always work out).


(disclaimer: just like I tend to do in every post of this kind: I am not fucking perfect either. I am just a “self entitled liberal” who is feeling things could (definitely) be better).


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